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MSVS Consultancy is accredited and licenced to provide a range of services to:
  • RTWSA - its agents and self insured employers
  • ComCare (SA, Victoria, NSW, ACT)
  • WorkSafe Victoria - its agents and self insured employers
  • Compulsory Third Party Claims
  • Life Insurance / Income Protection Schemes
  • NDIS Services
MSVS Consultancy has links with a number of specialist organisations such as Medical Providers, Legal Providers and Training Providers. The relationships we have developed with these organisations allows us to offer services specific and tailored to the needs of our customers.
We offer the following services:
  • Rehabilitaiton and return to work services
  • Assessments
  • Manual Handling
  • Career Development Service
  • Career Support Service
  • Job Seeker Support Service
  • Redeployment
  • Adjustment to disability counselling 
  • Work Health Safety risk assessments